Mother's Empire the gay MAFIA of KC
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AIDS, the SILENT killer!

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Mr. James I. Hanson-Nile,

AKA "Mother"

Having owned, and operated several businesses, in the Greater Kansas City Area, for over Fifteen (15) years; a new book has being written, and published about this subject. The book is entitled, "Mother's Empire, the gay MAFIA of Kansas City."

There was Abbot Entertainment. Mother's House. The Den. The Boarding House. And a limousine service. Along with One's involvement with the State of Missouri 's AIDS Prevention Council. And the Founding/Direction of ACT-UP, II. Kansas City.

This may seem like a lot of subjects to cover. However, One was also a fugitive, while living in San Diego, CA, for one year. Also, operating Abbot Entertainment. During this time, of being a fugitive, from Kansas City, One was convicted of Pimping, and spent over eighteen (18) months, at Avenal State Prison, CA.

The past fifteen (15) years, of One's life, have been the most colorful. A book could be written, about that alone.

This book will be much more outrageous than Tommy Pendergast, or Bob Berdella lives. Two of Kansas City's zesty historical figures.


This E-Book is strictly Non-Profit. 


James I. Hanson-Nile, M.

Copyright 2001, James Nile All Rights Reserved,


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