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Letters & Information 10/28/'02-Present Time

James Nile,
POB #10231
(Westport P.O. Station)
Kansas City, MO 64171-0231
United States of America

Dear Concerned:

Today one visited our probation officer, Ms. Cherie Ent, She said that, "There is no reason that I can think of why you cant be released from probation." The court hearing is 11/15/02, at 9:30 a.m., Judge Kramer, Jackson County Courthouse, Kansas City, MO.

She then informed me that an Angelo Restivo, a former "Witness," in this case had called her, and complained to her about my alleged telephone harassment, towards him. Mr. Restivo has not filed any police complaint. Therefore Mr. Restivo is merely trying to sabotage Ones Probation release.

It is too bad that Mr. Restivo is such a miserable person. After spending over three (3) years, of a five (5) year probation sentence, one would hope that he would have better, and more constructive things to do with his time, than harass me.

Happy Halloween!


James Nile


Send to Dave Surhoff, Esq.

 Dear Sir:

Enclosed you will find two letters (One listed here) of recommendation, for my release from probation. Please review them. Also you will find a copy of a recent email from Mr. Restivo.

I have not contacted Mr. Restivo by telephone, or email, or any other means. As per our discussion yesterday, Mr. Restivo is an old enemy of mine, and he will do anything to stop my probation from being dropped and/or sending me to prison.

Mr. Restivo should be charged with harassment of me. Since he has no evidence of my harassing him; he is just trying to sabotage my probation hearing, and its results. Thanks for your time and concern


October 30, 2002



Dear Honorable Judge Kramer:

James Nile has been volunteering at our Center for the past nine months. He works at the front desk answering telephone calls and helping with other administrative tasks.

He has always proven to be on time and reliable covering two afternoon shifts during the week. He has also helped staff our booth at the AIDS WALK, the Pride Festival and our recent street fair here in Westport.

He is very industrious and takes the initiative to ask for more work or more ways he can be of help. He is courteous to the Centers visitors and the other volunteers on our staff.

I hope you give his situation due consideration.


Jamie Rich

Director of the KC lesbian and gay community center


CeSubject: (no subject)
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 17:11:49 EST

I have told you not to: talk to me, call me, write me or e-mail me. 
And yet
you think you can.  Well I think you should go back to jail, and leave
alone.  What is your problem?  Do you think I am kidding about calling
DA?  I am going to your hearing on November 15, at 9:30am.  And I am
the judge that: "You are not to be let out on the streets.  And you
need to
serve your full time for ARSON."

You sending all those e-mails just makes you think that you are a
"flake" and
a "freak".  Everyone thinks this of you.  Of couse you think that's
But it's no wonder that your own mother put a restraining order on you. 

Have a good day, and Please Leave Me ALONE or go back to jail.

Angelo Restivo,
Editor & Chief
KC Exposures News Magazine #1 in KC

11/15/02 Today in Judge Kramers courtroom, I was released from probation.  It was one of the better days in my life!  Now I have to find out if I am still on parole in California.


11/18/02 I contacted my former Probation Officer.  I asked her, Please find out if I am still on California Parole?


1124/02 I called my P.O. again.  I asked her, What did you find out about my California Parole?  She replied, We couldnt find anything on your California Parole.  I said, Great!  Happy Holidays to you.


I am now truly free!