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Dear Concerned:

As per our recent telephone conversation, I wish to place a complaint against one Mr. Harold Thom, LPN. (This is where I have lived since 11/2000.) This is a brief record, of some very stressful, negative, and unnecessary events, that happened to me.

05/18/01, According to my Caseworker, Harold Thom, LPN, called. He they did not receive $3,000.00. However, that is their fault. They did not file for SCLS funding, during my entire stay there. My caseworker told them to call someone else, about the funding situation.

05/10/01, At Noon today, I asked Darrel for my Wellbutrin medication. He said, its written to be given at 3:00 p.m. I said, I'm not arguing. Harold Thom cant read, or copy my Doctors orders right! Apparently, Mr. Harold Thom, LPN, had miss-transcribed my Doctors orders, or he had written the order for his own satisfaction.

05/09/01, Mr. Harold Thom, LPN visited Ms. Carole Alleman, Director of Beacon Hill/other Group Homes. He is now liable for slander, concerning, my criminal record. Ms. Alleman said that, I would not have accepted Mr. Niles application, if he did not come into my office last week to talk tome first. Mr. Thom also lied and said that, Mr. Niles been cheeking, his meds. And he is non-compliant, with his meds. Even though I never get my Noon med. Wellbutrin, from Mr. Harold Thom, LPN. While he is working Monday-Thursday.

05/08/'01, I have not been getting my Noon Wellbutrin medication, as long as Mr. Thom, LPN is working. Yesterday, and today, the Noon meal was so small, and crummy, that we Residents decided that it would be better to eat a Homeless Soup Kitchen in Downtown KCMO.

Mr. Harold Thom, LPN, called my Caseworker, and lied about my getting into an argument, with him. I said nothing to Mr. Harold Thom, on 05/08/01. Mr. Thom also lied and told my caseworker; Mr. Nile is Cheeking, his meds. See the above information.

(An estimated $8, 500.00, was taken in last Friday, from all of the Resident's Social Security Checks. $550.00, per resident, or more, X 16 residents in the Home. Where has all of the money gone for the food budget?)

O5/01/01, Mr. Thom also refused to give me my medication today. I interviewed with Ms. Carole All, and my Case Worker, and she will try top arrange my new living arrangements. (She will be in Jefferson City, MO until 05/04/'01, at a MO Mental Health Care Meeting. (She knows Carol in Jefferson City, MO.

04/30/'01, All of the House Patients were given their medications at 11:30 a.m. (During lunch.) Except for me. I came downstairs, after 12:00, and asked the Caregiver, and Harold Thom, LPN, for my Noon Med. (100 m.g.) Wellbutrin.) After waiting in the Living room for over twenty minutes, I left the house. Therefore, Mr. Thom had refused to give me my medication.

04/26/01, Mr. Harold Thom called my Caseworker, and told him, "Nile is playing games with my mind, and his meds.

04/27/01, I was called downstairs to pick up my laundry. Mr. Harold Thom asked the Caregiver several times, "Did Mr. Niles Case Worker, call for me yesterday?" She said, "No." Mr. Harold Thom then replied, He's going to elsewhere. (This facility is for emergency mental health care patients. Not for Mr. Thom's emergency.)

04/27/01, I received a letter from the MO Dept. of Mental Health. It was from Ms. Carol, Office of Consumer Affairs. She/they had received my letters of complaint, against my, Group Home. Ms. Ruth, SCL would be reviewing my case, and will later send a reply.

04/25/01, Mr. Thom, asked me to, "Take my things upstairs." (Pertaining to my briefcase, and baseball cap.) I ignored him. He followed me into the kitchen and repeated his order. I told him, "No, Ill do it later." (I usually put something onto one of the couches, in the Living Room, before I finish lunch. Then I usually leave.

My Case Worker, and I saw my Doctor. She renewed my prescriptions. They are to be taken as ordered, with no substitutions. She asked me, "How did this nurse (Harold Thom) get you to take liquid medications, without my written consent?" "I replied, "He committed forgery and fraud." (This was before the House Doctor asked Mr. Thom, LPN on 3/22/01, "Do you want Mr. Nile to take his medication, in liquid form.")

04/18/01, I toured another care facility. It was very clean, and orderly. The admissions Director told me to have my Case Worker, "Fax Mr. Niles Information.

04/18/01, Received a confirmation letter from Mr. George, Director of Investigations, for the State of MOs Board of Nursing. Mr. Thom is being investigated. Case #PN055256, NUI-0401-565. They will notify me, as to their findings, at a later date.

04/20/01, My Case Worker, and I looked at another Group Home. The setting was the best that I have ever seen! It was nestled in the UMKC area of Frat & Sorority Houses. We left information, for Janice General manager.

04/09/01, My Royal blue polo shirt is missing. Marvin, Caregiver and I checked Joes chest of drawers, and could not find it.

04/10/01, Received a rejection letter from KJK law firm. Will seek other lawyers for advice.

04/06/01, Mr. Harold Thom came to work, and upon finding my note, "Dear Concerned: If you have any questions about my medication, please call my doctor. Mr. Thom became so enraged that I could hear him slamming doors, and making noise, all the way upstairs, in my room.

Later I went downstairs. I was told by Darrell, the Caregiver, "No more notes to Harold!" I replied, " How am I suppose to communicate with him?" "Through telepathy?" Darrell said, "I dont know."

I left the house and went to TMC to talk with my Caseworker. He returned the page. We decided that it would be best if I found another place to live. Mr. Brown said, "I am concerned about you physical well-being." "I Harold goes off, I dont want you there."

It is rather obvious that Mr. Harold Thom did not call my doctor to verify my medication order. Otherwise she would have told him the same thing that she told me: "You may take Wellbutrin from Noon to 5:00 p.m." "I dont want you taking the medication after 5:00 p.m." "It will keep you awake."

I contacted the State of MOs Nursing Association, about Harold Thom, LPN. Ms. Jennifer, Investigator will be taking my claims. This letter was faxed to her from Kinkos Copies, Downtown, and KCMO.

I have also contacted my attorney Joel. And another law firm they specialize in Nursing Malpractice Lawsuits.

04/05/01, At about 4:00 p.m., I went downstairs, to get my afternoon medication. Marvin, the Caregiver, said, "I have orders, from Harold, LPN, to give you this Wellbutrin, at 8:00 p.m." I said, "That is incorrect." "I will go upstairs and get the Doctors orders." Upon returning downstairs, and showing the Doctors orders to Marvin, the Caregiver, he still insisted on believing that the medication should be given at 8:00 p.m. I showed the Doctors orders to Larry Thom, the General Manager of this house, and he then allowed me to take my Wellbutrin. I then left a note for Mr. Harold Thom to call my Doctor, if he had any further questions.

The actual Doctors orders are as follows: "Wellbutrin SR 100 m.g. P.O. AM & PM." "Able to take at 3 PM, (Out of the BH) -may take later."

Mr. Harold Thom, LPN, is incapable of reading, understanding, and transcribing written Doctors orders. This is the second occurrence, of incorrectly transcribed Doctors orders, that has happened. The first time, several months ago, he incorrectly transcribed my Doctors orders. He transcribed the Doctors orders for 550 m.g. Of Wellbutrin, per day. When I was suppose to be taking 100 m.g. P.O. 1 in a.m. & p.m. (This is when Bernadette, the Caregiver worked at the home.)

04/04/01, A plaid shirt, and a pair of Grey underwear were missing. I asked Marvin, the Caregiver, "Would you go and look in Joes room?" He and I found both the shirt, and the underwear there. Along with a white sweater that belonged to Francis. (Both Joe and Francis is Residents of Joliet House.) This is the second time that Joe has taken my clothing. Last time he took my black Nike sweat pants, and a pair of white socks.

The Staff try to laugh-off the theft of my items. Obviously, they cannot control Joe, and his thievery. Joe also finds the situation amusing, and laughs whenever the situation is brought up.

03/27/01, While waiting on my medication, I had already asked Harold Thom Jr., and Darrel, (both Caregivers) for my pill. I was seated at the dining room table, for over forty-five (45) minutes. Mr. Harold Thom said, "Would you please go into the other room, we are having an audit?" I replied, "Yes, and please tell Marvin that it is time for my medication." "I am not going all of the way upstairs, and coming all of the way back down stairs." He then repeated his order. I told him, "Whenever you get it together, call me." "I'll be in the other room." (The Living room.)

On 03/22/01, The House Doctor arrived. The Doctor asked Mr. Harold Thom, "Do you want Mr. Niles Medication, in liquid form?" Mr. Harold Thom, replied, "Yes."

Apparently, Mr. Harold Thom has been committing forgery, and fraud. With both Doctors of mine, in the ordering of my medications, from the pharmacy. Otherwise, the House Doctor would not have asked his question. Mr. Harold Thom also said, "If the alleged patients, who have not been taking their pills, in the next month, or so, are doing well, the Pill Warden, will let them take the pills again." (-In reference to himself, and my nicknaming him, Pill Warden.)

On 03/12/01, Mr. Harold Thom forgot to re-order my Wellbutrin medication. It was also included in the medicine closet. However, I was told that, "We cant give you your pills from TMC. You have to take the pills from our pharmacy."-Marvin, Caregiver.

03/05-08/01, Mr. Harold Thom has neglected to reorder the entire Houses medications. House Depakote liquid medication. (Depakote is used to reduce mood swings.)

03/01/01, Mr. Harold Thom refused to give me my pills. Even though he did not have a written order from your doctor, or the House doctor to do this. He lied and said, "You were caught not taking your pills, and you have to take liquid!" I told him that, "Liquid medication makes me sick to my stomach, and it gives me diarrhea." He told me, "Brick wall." I then left the house, and went outside to a public pay telephone. I called my doctors receptionist and left a message for her to fax a written order, for me to take pills only. Not Liquid medication. This situation is still pending.

02/23/01, @8:00 p.m., Marvin, the Caregiver, You cannot have your Visturil told me. I asked, "Why?" And was told that, "You might become dependant on it." "Thats strange." " I have been taking Visturil for over eight months," I said. Then, last night I finally went to sleep @ 12:00 a.m., and I woke up @ 4:30 a.m. Because of Mr. Harold Thoms orders, that are contrary to my Doctors orders, I am now in a manic phase, of my BI-Polar Disease. My medication is designed to hopefully prevent mood swings.

Today, 02/23/01, Mr. Harold Thom came into a TV. Room, turned off the TV. And told me, "You really need to get with your Doctor!" I informed him, "Remember, I have an appointment, next Wednesday." I had stated this in writing and verbally to him several times. Mr. Harold Thom is obviously psychopathic. I am sick of his harassment! I am a Patient. I am not some Prisoner!

02/22/01, This morning, at about 7:30 a.m. Mr. Harold Thom called me from my bedroom, to the downstairs Dining Room. He told me the following, "Sit down! Now PRN means as needed. But you cant take this medication (Visturil) on a nightly basis." I told him that, "PRN means as needed, by the Patient rights." "Not the Care givers discretion." He became livid and said; "You were given two weeks to have your prescriptions changed, and you did not!" I told him that, "My next Doctors appointment, was next Wednesday." " Please check the note that I left for you." He became even more enraged, and said, "I am an LPN." "You will be in compliance with your medication; or this whole program stops." I told him that, "You are the person who is holding up my compliance with my program."

I told him, "You are not going to fuck me!" He said, "I dont want to fuck you, you whore." "You pimp, or whatever you are." I told him that, "I will not be bullied by anyone." And "If you have control issues, to seek counseling." "Stop being anal-retentive." He said, "I dont care what you say!" I then retreated to my bedroom, upstairs. Mr. Thom has taken it upon himself to override my Doctors original prescription: Visturil 50 m.g. P.O. @ HS, PRN. He is attempting to practice Medicine. When he, as a LPN, should be practicing Nursing.

There were witnesses to the 02/22/01 incident. Including Darrell, the 11-7 p.m., Caregiver. Along with several other Residents: Willis, and Francis. (They were in the nearby Living room.) Mr. Harold Thom also contacted my case manger, which works for TMC. Before this action; I was willing to forget all of these incidents.
Finally on 9/16/01 I received a telephone call and interview. I was asked a lot of questions and gave a lot of answers about my horrible experience, with Mr. Thom. I then related the following information to the interviewer.

Update: on 9/17/01, a small Black woman came to visit at my new residence. She related a story about Mr. Thom that he had been fired. I inquired, why? She said, Mr. Thom asked me to go upstairs, and lift up my bra! I said, Oh, no! Then she said, Mr. Thom no longer works for the Home. He has been fired.

I explained that Mr. Thoms family owned the home. He would still receive money from them. I told her that, I was glad to see you, and hear this information tonight.

12/17/01 The State of Mo Nursing Association sent a letter regarding Mr. Thom. They claimed that he did nothing wrong, and no actions would be taken. Pity, as he had already been fired by his own brothers!


Dear Concerned:

This is a formal letter of complaint. Being issued for the owners of the group home. The complaint regards the Cook, Cathy, of The Facility.

The following is a diary of events that have happened to myself, while residing there.
8/17/01-I called Gloria, the Manager in charge on the 7-3 shifts. I asked Gloria, Please have Cathy (the Cook) save a Lunch Plate for me. Im running late at work, and I wont be home at Noon, I said. Gloria said, O.K., Ill have Cathy save a plate for you.

When I got home, around 12:40 p.m., Cathy had left the house. Gloria said, Go back into the kitchen and see if Cathy left a plate for you. I went back to the kitchen and didnt find any plate of food. I came out and asked Gloria, Wheres the Plate of food that Cathy left? Gloria went back to the kitchen with me. Gloria then said, Ill get you something to eat. Gloria then got some food for me to eat. I said, Thank you. Then I took my plate of food into the kitchen.

After eating, I wrote the following note to Cathy: Dear Cathy, Thanks for saving a plate of food for me. I know who my true, friends are. And that is Gloria. I put the note on the outside of the kitchen door.

Cathy came home shortly thereafter. Cathy read my note. Then Cathy came screaming into the Dining Room, I stood up, Cathy then tried to, Push or provoke me physically. (Gloria told me later, James, I saw how Cathy tried to, Push, you.)

I then asked Cathy, Cant you read or comprehend my note? Cathy then became furious. Cathy started yelling at me. She said, Why do you treat me this way? I said, Youre the one who is treating me like shit!

Then I said, Kevin always holds a plate for me. Then Cathy replied, Well, Im not Kevin. I said, I know that youre not Kevin. Youre lazy, I said. And thats why you didnt save a plate of food for me. Then Cathy responded, You can ask my son over there, on the Couch, how Lazy, I am. I said, Your son doesnt come to work with you. How would he know if you were lazy or not, I said.

Then Cathy called me a, FAG! She kept saying, Youre noting but a Fag, Faggot, Faggot, faggot! I said, Im more Man than you will ever marry. And Im more Woman than youll ever be. Then I said, Got any more questions? Then Cathy started yelling, You Mamma! Then she repeated her Youre nothing but a Fag, Faggot, Faggot.

I went upstairs. I went to my bedroom. I watched T.V. Later we had the False Fire Alarm. And then I went outside.

08/18/01: Cathy asked me before lunch, Would you carry this water container into the Dining Room, for me? I politely said, No, I dont work here. Cathy then said, What did you say? I repeated, I dont work here. Then I went into the Dining Room and sat down to eat. (There are Missouri State Laws regarding the, Forced Labor, of Mental Health Care Patients.)

Cathy came into the Dining Room. She came right up to me, and screamed, Youre Mamma, and Daddy can take care of you! I just looked at her as though she was cracked-out of her mind. Then I said, This is your job. You work in the Kitchen. You cook, clean, carry things, and clean up the Dining Room later. Then I said, Thats you job. Not mine, I said. Dont ask me to do anything for you, I replied.

Cathy started in with her, Youre noting but a Fag, Faggot, Faggot, faggot! I then got up and took my food outside to the Front Porch. Cathy followed me outside to terrorize me some more. She yelled, Youre just manipulating the, System, Then I said, You cant get along with the Staff or the Residents. You need to find a new job, I said. Then I said, if this situation was reversed, and I was a white Cook, and you were a Black Resident, there would be a horrible lawsuit! Then I took my food to the side of the house to eat.

08/18/01 around 7:30 p.m.-Gloria and I discussed what had happened, with Cathy and I, during Lunch. Gloria said, Cathy doesnt like the gays. I know that, Gloria said.

8/22/'01, While waiting on the House Doctor, Cathy came up and grabbed My hand. Then she said, "What's in your hand?" I twisted my hand away and said, "None of your business." She gave me a weird look because I didn't get mad or cause a, "Scene."

Cathy should be transferred to another Mental Health Care Facility. Or Cathy should be terminated from employment. Otherwise, I will be forced to take further action(s), in and for my case

12/17/'01 The Cook has been transfered to another Care Facility. This is better than firing her. As she has filed a workmen's compensation claim, against the house.
The owner of the house will never allow Cathy to return there.  In his words, "There were too many problems with the Resident's, and the Cook."


Stop Terrorizing the Mental Health Care Patients!

By James Nile



                It was a horrible day.  Around 8:30 a.m., Shirley, the House Manager, told us Myrna will be here soon, to pick you guys up, to go shopping.  Fine I thought.  The State of Missouri gave us mental health care patients $150.00, per year to spend on clothing.  I went back upstairs to my room and watched TV.


                I came down a few minutes later.  I asked Shirley, When is Myrna coming?  Shirley replied, As soon as she can.  I went back up to my room again, and listened to my stereo.  After almost an hour, I came down stairs, and asked Shirley again, where is Myrna?  Shirley said, I dont know, she was supposed to be here over an hour ago.  I then waited in the downstairs living room.


                Having waited now for over two hours, I was getting very frustrated.  I went back upstairs to my room.  After another half-hour, I came back downstairs, and Myrna was still not there.  It was now 11:30 a.m.  Three hours after Myrna was suppose to be at our residence.


                Finally, I heard someone say, Myrna is on her way.  She will be here in fifteen minutes.  Wonderful I thought.  Myrna finally did appear.  She was in a big hurry.  Myrna said, Come on you guys, I dont have all day.  I looked at Myrna and said, we have been waiting all morning on you.  You should be able to wait a few minutes, on us, to eat lunch.  No Myrna said.  You guys either come with me now, or you can go tomorrow!


                I was not thrilled at this notion.  Shirley had just started putting lunch food out into the Dining room.  I said, O.K., to Myrna.  I then asked Shirley, Would you save us some leftovers?  She said, Yes.


                We got into the van and drove to the shopping center.  Upon arrival there, Myrna made the announcement, O.K. you guys, this is it. Ill give you your $150.00.  You can only buy clothes with the money, Myrna said.  I then said, what about cosmetics?  Myrna said, No cosmetics!  You can only buy things that go on your body, Myrna said.  Then one of the women said, what about a perm?  (Both Myrna, and this woman were African American.  The term, Perm, to them means, Relaxer, to most other people.)  Myrna then said, O.K.  Thats something that the house doesnt provide.



                I then said, Oh, I see, this is an Ethnic thing.  Its all right for Black women to buy hair care products, but its not all right for me (being white) to buy hair care products?  Then I said, I want purple hair.  And it an Ethnic thing for me.  Myrna then looked at me and said, well, if women can buy hair coloring, you can too.


                We then proceeded to enter the store and shop for over 90 minutes.  Myrna then drove us home.  Upon arriving back at our residence, I called Carroll.  (Carroll is the General Manager for all of the Homes.)  I very politely asked Carroll, Did you have lunch today?  Carroll replied, Why yes.  I then said, Well its 2:25 p.m., and I havent had lunch.  Carroll asked, Well how come?  I explained our slowpoke morning to Carroll.  I then asked Carroll, Did you have then van this morning?  Carroll said, Yes.  Then I said, dont you have your own car to drive to meetings?  Carroll said quite viciously, Yes, but thats none of your business!  I then politely said, If you would have let Myrna have the van this morning, none of this mess would have happened.  Carroll then became ballistic, and said; I dont have to answer to you!  I then hung up the telephone. I had had enough of Myrna and Carrolls meanness.


                The Administrator of the group home overheard some of my telephone conversation with Carroll.  He then asked Johnny, the Cook to make something for me to eat.


                Perhaps the old adage, when you think that youre getting something for nothing, you may find out otherwise, applies here?

                Cathy has been banned from ever working at our group home again.  The owner said, Cathy had too many problems with the Residents.