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The First Book Review

A letter of thanks from the Book Reviewer

07/05/02  James,
Thanks for your note. I did enjoy reading and reviewing the book and
Hope that others will purchase it as well. It was well worth reading!
                                             Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your experiences.
As someone
                                             who has been here less than 10 years, I learned a lot about the KC gay scene before I moved here. One of the more interesting
                                             things was to see how little some things have changed. 
Its still difficult to find
                                             people in the community that will be true to their word and maintain the same
                                             of enthusiasm for a commitment after six months that they displayed initially.
Good luck
                                             in all your endeavors.
 07/06/'02  A Letter of Thanks from another

That book is   something else... hard to put down what a life.... and that one picture of those two young bois kissing    OMG... mmmmm LOL would love to talk to you some   LOL   some of the experiences   and some of the boys heheheh well wanted to let you know you done good!!!!!