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Wee Be Bitches Health Clinic,

By James Nile



                This story is completely true.  It is a compilation of some of my experiences that occurred, while working at a Kansas City Clinic.  The names of the characters have been changed to protect my innocence.  As I am unaware of anyone elses innocence.


                I started training, as an HIV/AIDS Prevention Counselor, around July 2000.  I enjoyed the interesting medical, and scientific information that is available on the HIV/AIDS subject.  Even though sometimes, the information can be overwhelming, and confusing.


After my training, I was volunteering two or three afternoons during the workweek.  Usually I worked in the afternoons.  I really enjoyed the Clients and the Employees at the Clinic.  The Clients could also be challenging.  There was rarely a dull moment at the Clinic.


After a busy summer, and fall, the Clinic moved into a handsome new facility.  There were now three large floors at the Clinic.  There were also new people hired and trained for the new building.  We even had a Grand Open House event.  A lot of very interesting people were in attendance, at the Open House.


Almost every employee, at the Clinic, had always treated me very kindly.  There was one incidence, with an employee named, Vanna.  Vanna was a very tall, extremely thin woman.  Vanna had dark brown hair, and latent acne.  Vanna usually dressed in blue jeans, and casual shirts.


                Vanna tended to be very Manic (Hyperactive) in her behavior.  Vanna also was very overly aggressive, rude, demanding, and demeaning, to me, and others at the Clinic.  I still think that Vanna should relocate to Amsterdam, Holland, and become just another Dyke.  (I've been to Amsterdam and I really enjoyed it.)


                Vanna came into the laboratory screaming, "There are too many people in this lab! " Everyone except the Patient needs to leave!  I left.  I then later contacted my boss Sevin.  I reported this incidence to him.


Later Sevin got back to me and gave me his report.  Sevin basically stated, Vanna was correct.  There have been too many people in the lab lately.  We now have a Clinic policy that Only the Patient, and the person drawing their blood, will be allowed in the lab, at the same time.


Sevin informed me that, Vanna was right about everything.  I'm glad that we now have this new procedure in effect.  I said, Well, Vanna treated the Client and Me horribly.  I suppose that there is no apology for that, I said.  I was correct.  I never did receive an apology from Vanna.


Sevin is of medium height, and build.  Sevin is gay.  Sevin semi-shaves his head, and Sevin can sometimes be very Socially cold to people.  Sevens best bet is to join both the Alcoholics Anonymous, and the Narcotics Anonymous groups.  As he has problems in substance abuse.


Luckily, I had no further incidences with Vanna.  Until 02/09/02.


I received a page at 7:45 a.m.  It was my boss, Sevin.  He asked me to come into the clinic, on my day off, and work.  I returned his page and agreed to be at the Clinic, at 1:00 p.m.


Later in the day, the Doctor, and Nurse had asked me, very politely, in charge, to test three of their previous patients.  I agreed to see the patients.  I tested one very nice woman, and left the room.  Then the Doctor asked me to see another patient, in the room across the hall.  I went into the room, and started testing the patient.


All of a sudden the door burst open.  Vanna was standing in the open doorway.  Vanna screamed, "You guys cant be in here. " These rooms are reserved for the OBGYN.  (Womens Reproductive System Medical Treatment.)  I replied, Well, I suppose that we could go down the hall and get another room.  The young man and I got up from our chairs, and quickly left the room.  The young man looked at me and said, "Well at least we wont have to deal with her-down here."  I agreed.  We went into another room, and completed his HIV Testing.  (What was a man doing in the OBGYN Department?)


In the meantime Vanna had moved any and all other HIV Testing Patients, from the OBGYN Department, in the back of the clinic, to the Reception Room, at the front of the Clinic.  The poor patients had to wait even longer to return into the Clinic, for their HIV testing.


Vanna is an HIV/AIDS Nurse Specialist.  She does not work in OBGYN.  However, being a Muffin Diver, I can understand why she loves to interfere and work in the OBGYN Department.


I quickly finished my paperwork.  I left the clinic, at the scheduled time:  4:00 p.m.  I was very upset with Vanna, and the incident at the Clinic.


The next day, I was in the HIV Testing office.  I heard the lovely voice of Musan in the hallway.  I walked outside the office, and walked up to Musan.  I always give her a big hug.  I then explained everything that had happened to me, at the Clinic yesterday.  Musan was genuinely, and sincerely interested in my incident with Vanna.  Musan said, Ill take care of it.


Musan is an attractive woman, with very striking gray-white hair.  Musan is a sweetheart.  She reminds me of Mary Hartman, from her T.V. series, Mary Hartman, several years ago. That day at the Clinic was slow, and everything went very smoothly.


02/09/02 I had my outreach HIV Testing program at the coffee shop.  I am there every Saturday night, from 6-Midnight.  I tested seven people, and there were two people who showed up, for their results.  My friend, Joannie showed up to help.  Joannie is a sweetie.  We sat and talked, drank coffee, and we always have a great time.  I will truly miss Joannie.


On 02/11/02, I went to the Clinic to return my tests.  I filled out some paperwork.  I then went up stairs and talked to Darla.  Darla is a very tiny light-skinned black woman.  Darla is passive- aggressive, two-faced, and has issues with controlling others.  A friend of mine saw Darla on a T.V. news item about the Clinic.  My friend asked me is, Darla is a bitch?  I replied, No.  However, I have since changed that opinion to yes,


I talked to Darla about the Saturday night outreach HIV Testing program.  I also told her that I had opened a Website.  She said, "Thats good."  I told her that, I had been busy.  Then I asked her to use a computer, to create some new flyers, for my outreach program.  She agreed, and helped me to sign-in on a computer. I made new flyers and left.  I thought that everything was fine at the Clinic.


Later that afternoon, my boss, Sevin, called and asked me to come in and meet with Darla.  I explained that I could not come in as I was having dinner in one-half hour.  Sevin and Me agreed to meet at the Clinic the following afternoon.


02/12/02 I was having a great afternoon.   I went to the coffee shop and visited with my friends.  I had a 4:00 p.m. appointment, at he Clinic.  I went to the Clinic, and went into Darlas office.  She gave me a somewhat mean and startled look, and she said, Go to the Conference Room, down the hall.  I said, "Which one?"  There are two rooms.  Darla said, "Whichever room that you would like?"  I went down the hall and into Conference Room C.


A few minutes later, Darla, Sevin, and Musan walked into the Conference Room.  They sat down.  Boy, were they ever serious. Darla informed me that she did not approve of my Website.  I explained to her that she was informed about my HIV Testing Outreach Website, yesterday, when I was at the clinic.  I reminded her that I had explained to her, yesterday, about the Visitors Counter, and the Guest Book, on the new Website.


Darla then told me, I didnt approve of the Website.   I then said, "But we had time to look it up on a computer, here at the Clinic."  Darla then contradicted herself and said, However, I did like the Website when I first saw it.  "The GIFs were cute." Then Darla said, "And I didnt approve of the Guest Book Comments."  I replied, Guest Book Comments?  She said, Yes, I have a copy of them here.  (She never showed me the copy.)  (I did not see the Guest Book comments until later that night.)

                The Guest Book comments were some mistaken transference from another Guest Book.  Besides, I have no control over what comments people might put in a Guest Book.

Darla also said, "I didn't appreciate the email that you sent to other people here at the clinic."  Here is a direct copy of our email correspondence:  Apparently Darla forgot about our conversation yesterday.  I had told her that I had opened a website for our outreach program.  However, We understand, as she has been quite busy lately.


The Clinic has in no way supported the development

Of this website or its contents.  This endeavor was carried out solely by

Mr. James Nile without the consultation of any staff or volunteers from the



> ----------

> From: Happy Valentines Day []

> Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 12:29 PM


> New Website



> (Its slightly ahead of time-for St. Patrick's day.)




>   _____ 




 James Ian Hanson-Nile, M.

End of email letter-


Since I had already informed Darla about the website, and we did not take the time to view the website, I was terminated from employment, at the Clinic.


Apparently, Darla either forgot about our conversation, and /or she is lying to protect herself from getting into trouble at the Clinic.  As are Sevin and Musan.  I was the most expendable person involved in this incident.  It would be logical to believe that Darla, and the others, would deny any involvement with anything or anyone, when something goes wrong.  To save their own precious jobs.


I was obviously fired because of a power struggle.  If the Clinic got rid of me, then they could continue the outreach program that I had started.  Darla also stated, Thanks James for all of the work that you have done for us.  "Isn't that absurd?"  The coffee shop outreach program that I started is still in operation.  The Clinics actions speak louder than words


Furthermore, complaints regarding the Clinics name and logo were brought up, by Darla.  Having been a former business owner, and having been responsible for all advertising, I have learned some things about logos, business, and the law.  The Clinics logo has a red artists rendition of a human heart.  Such an object cannot be copyrighted, or become a registered Trademark.  (As it is a common object similar to triangles and squares.)  The Clinics business name is not a registered or copyrighted item.  I had been using the Clinics logo and name for my HIV outreach program. 


Moreover, as long as 20% of any visual object has been changed or altered, is not a registered trademark or copyright infringement.


An email comment from a friend: I stopped working at the clinic because of the lab situation.  The nurse in HIV was very demeaning and aggressive and she could have taken care

Of the problem by drawing blood for my patient.  So it goes. You are probably better off in doing your new venture rather than fooling with the Clinic.  (Name withheld by request.)


02/17/02 An email from a program friend:  I haven't forgotten about you, not at all. Wow...all this drama is a lot to absorb. I am aware of all that is going on, although I was sort of slow to find out. Being aware of it though means that I should probably share my thoughts with you because you have been my friend. I would never be untruthful with you.     


It is fair to say I was surprised by it all! My guess is that you felt very hurt by the clinic because you obviously have a lot of passion and time to give to this particular issue of HIV. I don't mean that in a demeaning way at all. I just didn't understand the release of the story and the "farting guy" (as I sit here and laugh about saying the 'farting guy') The clinic does a lot of good to a lot of people too, even though you feel they were unfair.

                Couldn't that interfere with some of the help people might get there? I am always open to listening to you and want to know how you feel. Let me know...also, I do wish you lots of luck in your new endeavor at the community center for lesbians and gays. I am sure you will do a wonderful job for them.  (Name withheld by request.)

 07/31/'02  hey dear  i loved the mail. i talked to a friend at the clinic this week and the said that the person that is now volunteering to draw blood some days is really bad even the HIV department is bitching but thats there loss. i got an interview with KU in a few days and i will get my unemployment next week. i do miss some of the people up there but others (Vanna) im so glad i got away from. im much happier now. talk to u later.


 James Nile