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James Nile,


Letter to Sharon, Charlie, and Leo





            Dear Sharon, Charlie, and Leo,


                        Do you realize what kind of impact my childhood rape, sex abuse, and incest had upon me?  I am sure that this is one of the many reason’s why I have been abandoned, which is a form of abuse, as an adult.


                        Do you ever wonder what I would have grown up to be, without this sexual and psychological abuse?  Is there any guilt or remorse in your thoughts about me?


                        Do you ever go to sleep wondering whatever happened to that happy go lucky, cute little boy, who grew up having so many psychological issues? 


                        I would conservatively estimate that over 85% of my current, and re-occurring issues result directly from my childhood sexual traumas.  I am currently in therapy for my many layers of personal issues.  Issues that need to be desperately resolved, and put to rest.  However, many of these issues will never be forgotten.


                        Try as I may; I would like to forgive you for all of the gross indecencies that you have put me through.  This would relieve a lot of my current anger, and depression, of my childhood traumas. 


                        Until then, I shall have to live with all of the pain, from my childhood rape, and sexual abuse.





James Nile












Mr. James I. Hanson-Nile,


News Media, and Friends




            Dear News Media and Friends:


                        On August 19TH, 2004, at 10:30 a.m., a Social Security Administration Disability, Notice of Hearing, will be heard for Mr. James I. Hanson-Nile.  It will be heard at the Robert Dole Federal Building.  Located at 500 State Avenue, Ste. 380, Kansas City, KS  661001. 


            Mr. Nile’s childhood rape, and sexual assault case, in Des Moines, Iowa, has still not been completely investigated by the Iowa authorities.  This case, and its pending issues have not been resolved.  Mr. Nile contends that, “The majority of my personal issues arise from his childhood rape, and sexual assault case.” “There may never be closure to, and for those sexual assault issues, in his lifetime.”


            For further information, regarding these issues, please see:  Web Site:


            You are welcome to attend his court hearing on August 19Th, at 10:30 a.m., at the Robert Dole Federal Building.  Thanks.





                                                            James I. Hanson-Nile




06/17/04    The following Liens, and information, are to be placed against the following people, of Des Moines, Iowa.





Mr. James Ian Nile,

Web Site :




Polk County Courthouse,

Des Moines, IA  50309




1.      10 Million Dollars:  Mrs. Sharon K. Hanson, 3109 S.W. 40Th Street, Des Moines, IA.  For her knowledge of, and co-conspiracy of my repeated rape, and oral sodomy, as a child, during the years of 1965-1968. Interest is to be incurred at a monthly rate of 21%, per year.


2.      20 Million Dollars:  Mr. Charles A. Hanson, 300 Walnut Street, Des Moines, IA.  For his continued oral sodomy, of myself, during the years of 1966-1967.  Interest is to be incurred at a monthly rate of 21%, per year.


3.      50 Million Dollars:  Honorable Leo 2925 Woodland Avenue, Des Moines, IA, for his brutal, and repeated rape of me during the years of 1965-1968.  Interest is to be incurred at a monthly rate of 21%, per year.





 We will never be silent about rape, and sex abuse again. -JIN



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Des Moines Police Department



Dear Des Moines Iowa Police Department:

Enclosed is a recent recollection of mine.  It is to the best of my knowledge the truth about my sexual abuse, by my Stepfather, a man that my Mother was engaged to marry, and an older man that our family and friends stayed with on vacation.  This sexual abuse occurred during the years of 1965-1969.  I do not know about any statute of limitations, regarding child sex abuse, in the state of Iowa.  You may investigate my claims, and take whatever actions you deem necessary.


James Nile

02/23/'04 A sergeant, from the Des Moines, IA police department has been assigned to my case.


Something that I almost forgot,

By James Nile 

            As we get older, we may believe that there are reasons why we really loathe someone.  These reasons and circumstances have a root basis in our minds.  I found a major root about the hatred, and anger that I have for my Stepfather. A man that my Mother was engaged to marry, and an old man that we spent a weeks vacation with.

           Even though I am Gay, I believe that my homosexuality was not my choice. My being Gay was physically, and mentally raped, sodomized into me. Thus, I dislike my Mother because she loved, and married my male rapists. This is my matrix. I will never escape this gross injustice that was inflicted upon me, as a child.

            Dad and I would sometimes go down the basement, and take a shower together. It was usually cold, and damp in the nasty old basement.  While we were taking a shower, I stood up against the wall, spread my legs, and said, Do you want to play our little game?  Dad stopped what he was doing.  He looked at me and said, What are you talking about?  I said, Boo-Boo, and I used to play this fun game in the shower.  I would stand like this, hold the wall real tight, and Boo-Boo would put his pee-pee in my butt. It was our little secret, I said.

            Dad looked at me and said, He did that to you?  I said, Yes.  Dad said, I never knew that. Boo-Boo, could go to prison for that. Then dad said, No, Jamie, we are not going to play that game.  Its too painful for a little boy like you.  I know a much better game that we can play, Dad said.  It easier, and doesnt hurt. Then Dad said, See my pee-pee? You can play with it.  You can suck on it like a bottle. I will teach you how to do it. Would you like to do that?  I said, Yes that would be fun.  Dad then said, not today, but later I will teach you how to play with my Pee-Pee.  Dont say anything to your Mother about this, Dad said.  I know how mad she gets, and she would kill me!

            Dad now knew about Boo-Boo fucking me in the ass.  I didnt know it was a dirty or illegal thing to do.  I just thought that it made Boo-Boo happy.

            For many years, my family tried to stop me from sucking my thumbs. They used to put hot pepper sauce on my thumbs to try and stop my thumb sucking.  Before naptime, my Grandmother would warp my hand in a soft clean glove, being a stubborn kid; I still sucked on my thumbs, in my sleep.  It was probably insecurity, about my Dad leaving our family, and my parents divorce.

            It was winter.  I would get up early for breakfast, and to get ready for school.  There was a heater vent in the living room.  It seemed so innocent.  There was an organ that Mom played on the right side of the register Dads bookcase was on the left side of the vent.

            I used to get up out of bed, grab my school clothes, and head for that warm heater register.  I was just the right size, in first grade, to sit on the floor, and try to stay warm while changing my p.j.s, for my school clothes. My Dad would come out of the kitchen, and talk to me. 

            I would be on the floor changing my clothes.  He would say, Jamie, I know that you like to suck your thumb.  I would shake my head yes. Dad said, "Thats because you used to suck a baby bottle for milk." I looked at him and said, Yes.  Daddy has a baby bottle for you to suck on too, he said.  I looked at Dad with a weird, and confused face. Dad said, Here let me show my baby bottle.  Dad then unzipped his pants, and took his pee-pee out, and to showed it me. 

            I would stare at Dads pee-pee. It was bigger, darker, and hairier than mine.  Dad would say, Jamie pretends that my pee-pee is a baby bottle, and suck on it.  I thought that sounded like fun, and put Dads pee-pee in my mouth.  Dad would say, Just pretend that my pee-pee is like a baby bottle or like your thumb, and suck on it.  Of course I would put Dads pee-pee in my mouth and suck on it.

            I must have sucked too hard, or bitten Dads pee-pee.  He said, No, be gentle on Dads baby bottle. Dont bite it.  Just pretend that its your thumb.  Just suck on the top of it. I would suck on the top of Dads pee-pee.  It was a lot like my sucking on my thumb.

            If I made too much noise, while sucking on Dads pee-pee, he would say, Jamie is quiet.  If your Mom ever found out about us doing this she would divorce me.  Then Dad corrected his last statement, and said, No your Mother would kill me if she ever found out about this! 

            Then Dad would say, Jamie, Dads baby bottle will squirt out milk.  You will like it. You can drink it, it tastes good, and its good for you, Dad said. I would suck on dads pee-pee until the milk came out.  I would drink Dads baby bottle milk.  But it didnt taste like milk. It was very salty tasting.

            Dad would say, dont tell anyone about Dads baby bottle, and milk. If your Mother ever found out, we would both get into a lot of trouble.  Its our little secret, Dad said.  Then Dad would say, Finish getting ready for school.

            This sucking of Dads baby bottle happened often. I had learned to really like sucking on Dads baby bottle. I started asking Dad, Can I suck on your baby bottle?  He would say, Yes.  This activity went on for quite a while.

            My older brother Rex Allen came out of his bedroom one morning.  Dad put his pee-pee back into his pants.  Rex Allen went to the bathroom, and then went back to his room.

            One morning, on the way to school, I threw up on the sidewalk.  My brother was already at school.  I had lagged behind.  He ran after me. He saw the vomit on the sidewalk. He looked at me. I told him that I got sick, and threw up.  Rex Allen looked down at the puke on the cement, and said, Thats nasty!  There are cereal, milk, and something else kind of yellow, and sticky in your puke, Rex Allen said.  Have you been sucking on Dads baby bottle, Jamie?  I said, Yes.  Then Rex Allen said, I saw you sucking on Dads pee-pee. Dad calls his pee-pee a baby bottle, Rex Allen said.  

            My brother then said, dont you ever talk about sucking on Dads baby bottle, or pee-pee!  Mom would kill him, if she ever found out about it. Dad tried to have me suck on his baby bottle once, Rex Allen said. I got sick just like you.  Later I told him no, I am not going to play with your baby bottle.

            When you get to school, tell your teacher that you ate something bad for breakfast that made you sick.  Dont say anything about Dads baby bottle; promise me that you will erase it from your mind, Rex Allen said.  He repeated his sentence.  I was forced to obey him.

            I went to school, told the teacher that I threw up on the way to school.  The teacher called my Mom told her that I was sick.  Mom drove to school and picked me up.  I remember she said, This is really strange.  You and your bother both had the same thing for breakfast.  He didnt get sick.

            One morning Mom came out of the bedroom.  She was half asleep.  Mom said, Charlie, what is all of this noise?  Dad said, Oh, I was just talking to Jamie.  She would say, About what?  Dad would say, Jamies school.  Mom said, I hear you guys out here talking and making strange sounds. Go into the kitchen, and talk, Mom said.

            The next time that I asked Dad to suck on his baby bottle, he said, No, you are getting to old for this.  You are going to remember doing this, or your Mom is going to find out, and kill us.  We cant do it anymore, Dad said. That was the end of my sucking Dads baby bottle.

            For over 37 years, I thought that I hated my Dad because of his alcoholism, and prescription drug abuse, and his abusive behavior.  Now I realize that sucking Dads baby bottle, as an adult, was the underling root of why I hate my Step-dad.


            02/25/04 Now that my mind has opened up to the startling facts of child sexual abuse. I remember having a girlfriend, who lived two houses up from mine.  One day her father said to his daughter and wife, Excuse me, and Jamie.  We have something private to talk about.  They left the room. Then he said, Jamie I have something to ask you.  I know that you are a very honest little boy, and you will tell me the truth.  I said, Yes.  Then he said, Does anyone at your house ever touch or play with your privates?  I said, What are privates?  He said, You know the area below your belt.  Your penis and buttocks I said, I dont know. 

He said, Does your Mom, Dad, brother, or anyone one else ever play with your privates, or have you ever played with theirs? I honestly didnt understand what he was saying.  I replied, I dont understand, why would you ask me that?  He said, I am a detective with the Des Moines police department. I have noticed a drastic change in your behavior.  You were such a happy, outgoing, and entertaining child.  Now you have changed.  You are sullen, withdrawn, and very different, he said. 

            If anyone ever asks you to play with your privates, or for you to play with theirs, I want you to run out of your house.  Come up to our front door, and ring the bell, and knock as loud as you can, he exclaimed.  I dont care what time or day it is.   If I am not home my wife will let you in. Then he said, I think that you are or have been sexually abused. You dont understand what that means. Just dont let anyone play with your privates, or play with their privates, he said.

Of course I didnt understand much of what he was telling me. What does a seven or eight-year-old boy know about sexual abuse?  At age 44, I still dont comprehend my sexual abuse.


02/25/04 Apparently, the release of the sexual abuse has opened a floodgate. After my Moms divorce, and before she married my stepfather; she dated some other men.  This one was a lawyer. My Grandpa nicknamed him Boo-Boo.  Because every time that he messes up, he makes a big Boo-Boo, Grandpa said.  He had two or three kids of his own.  And I didnt understand, he had an ex-wife. 

I used to spend the night with him.  There was an old white house, on the corner of two very busy streets. He and I left my Moms house, and went to his house.  It was cold, and sleeting outside.  We had to climb up several flights of stairs.  He finally picked me up and carried me to the outside door.

We got inside.  It was one large room, in the top floor of this old house. He told me to take off my clothes and get into bed.  I said, I have my p.j.s to put on. He said, Big boys dont sleep in their p.j.s They sleep naked. I thought that this was strange, since I always wore p.j.s to bed.

            I remember lying down.  I was tired, and it was late. He had a big jar of jelly stuff, and Kleenex all over the bed.  He said, Jamie, roll over on your tummy.  I rolled over on my tummy. Then he said, Dont look back at me. This wont hurt at all.  It will feel good. Then he put something cold and gooey on my butt. He put the jelly stuff in my butt. I said, Thats cold.  He replied, Dont worry about it.  This will feel real good.  Then he said, You know you are almost as pretty as your Mother?  I said, No.  Your Mother loves to do this.  You will too, Jamie, he said.

            Then he said, Ok, just relax, and dont move.  This wont hurt you at all.  Then he put something into my butt. It did hurt. And I told him, Ouch that really hurts.  What are you doing, I said.  He replied, This won't take long.  Then he started moving something in and out of my butt. I started cry.  He said, Dont cry, big boys dont cry.

            Then he started going harder and faster with something.  It really hurt now. I started to cry. Be quiet, the neighbors will hear us, Jamie, he demanded.  This will soon be over. Just put your face down into the pillow, and yell if it hurts too much.

            I did cry and scream into the pillow.  It didnt help.  It hurt too much.  Then he put his hand over my mouth. I couldnt hear myself scream or cry.  After a while he took his hand off of my mouth.  Then he said, Jamie, go to the bathroom.  Sit on the toilet. Pretend that you have to go poopy, he said.  I did just that.  After a few minutes I had to go poopy.  I looked into the toilet bowl.  There was a little turd there, and some white sticky stuff.

            I came back to bed.  He asked me, What did your poopy look like? I told him, One little poopy, and a lot of white sticky stuff.  He said, Good.  Now lets go to sleep.  He snored all night, and kept me awake.  My bottom hurt.  I was too scared that he would put me on my belly again, and hurt me.

            The next morning he did the same things to me.  And I cried, and screamed into his fist. He took me downstairs, into a large kitchen.  There was an old lady, like my Grandma there.  She had very long gray hair, tied back into a bundle.  She wore glasses, and one of those flower dresses.

            The old lady said, I hear Jamie crying last night.  What was wrong with him, she said?  Boo-boo said, Jamie wouldnt go to sleep, so I had to spank him.  Later he woke up from a nightmare.  Didnt you Jamie?  I gave him a strange look and said, Yes.  Then Boo-Boo said good-bye, and we left.

Then he said, I am taking you home.  Stop crying or your Mother will be mad at me.  We went home.  Mom said, Jamie, have you been crying, or have you been up all night?  I said, Im ok.   She said, No, you are not!  Then she asked him what happened last night.  He said, I snored all night, and kept Jamie awake.  Mom of course went off on him.

            He did this to me on several occasions. Eventually, I stopped crying, and screaming. He said, See, it doesnt hurt anymore. You are just like your Mother. You got used to it. and now you like it, he said.

            He also did this to me in the shower, in the basement.  He would make me stand up against the wall, spread my arms and legs wide, while he put his pee-pee in my bottom. We did this when Mom wasnt home.  She didnt find out. I learned to relax my body, and let him fuck me. Later I spent the night with Boo-Boo again.  I asked him, Do you want me on my belly?  Boo-Boo said, No, its not fun anymore.  You dont scream and cry.  We wont do that again, he said. And there are too many people asking questions, about us, Boo-Boo said.

            One night Boo-Boo and I were sitting in his little Beetle car.  It stunk because of his beer and cigars.  Grandpa came up and said, Boo-Boo, We need to talk.  Boo-Boo said, Ok, we could get out side of my car, and talk.  Grandpa very sternly said, No, I want Jamie in on this conversation too. Then Grandpa said, Jamie, does Boo-Boo ever play with your privates? Grandpa looked down at me in the car and said; You know your prick in front, or your butt?  I looked at Boo-Boo, and then back at Grandpa, and said, No.  Then Grandpa said, If Boo-boo ever touches you down there let me know.  Then Grandpa looked at Boo-Boo, and said, Boo-Boo if Jamie or Rex Allen ever tell me that you are molesting them, I will kill you!  I dont care if I go to prison for it either, Grandpa said.

            Grandpa walked away from the car.  Boo-boo looked at me and said, Jamie you said the right thing.  You Grandpa is serious; he would kill me if he ever found out what we do alone. Dont ever tell him what we do. I wont be doing it to you, ever again, Boo-boo said. Then Boo-Boo took me home.

            Several years later, at my sisters wedding dinner, Boo-Boo asked me some strange questions.  He asked, Jamie, I want you to think real hard.  What is your earliest memory with me?  I told him about the house, and his room. He looked at my Stepfather and said, Our little secret with Jamie is safe.  Then he corrected himself, and said; Well at least my little secret with Jamie is safe.  Jamie doesnt remember everything that happened at my old apartment.


            One summer our family went on vacation, with my Dads best friend, and his wife.  We drove up to 10-mile lake, in Minnesota. It was a great place.  A big lake, cabin, and bunkhouse for Rex Allen, and I to sleep in. 

            Late one night, the old man who owned the place asked my parents, Could I tuck Rex Allen and Jamie in, at the bunkhouse?  My parents said, Yes.  We went to the bunkhouse.  Rex Allen got in the bottom bunk, and I got into the top bunk.  Just like we used to do at home, when I didnt want to sleep alone in my bedroom.

            Bob tucked Rex Allen into bed.  Then Rex Allen started laughing. I wanted to know what was going on. Then Rex Allen got mad and said, Stop it!  I told you to stop!  Jamie likes to do that.  Go and play with him, Rex Allen said. I saw him sucking Dads dick one time, said Rex Allen.

            Then Rex Allen said, Oh, I was never supposed to talk about that. Dad said if I ever mentioned it, he would kill me.

            Rex Allen ran to the main cabin.  I asked the old man, What were you doing to Rex Allen? The old man said, Just tickling him.  Want me to tickle you?  I said, Yes.  The old man was tickling me all over.  It felt great.  Then he said, Could I see your pee-pee?  I said, Why?  He said, I want to see how big it is?  I let him pull back my pants, and underwear.  Then he said, You got a nice one. Some day its gonna be real big and good looking, he said.  Then he asked me, Could I put your pee-pee into my mouth?  I said, Yes, dont bite it!  He sucked on my pee-pee.

            Then the old man said, How did that feel?  I said, Funny?   The old man said, Wanna see mine?  I said, Yes.  He took his pee-pee out of his pants, and let me see it.  It was kind of brown and crinkly, like Dads.  He asked me, Jamie, do you want to suck it?  I said, Yes. Just as he was putting his pee-pee into my mouth, Rex Allen walked in.  Rex Allen saw what I was doing.  Rex Allen exclaimed, I just told Mom and Dad that you were tickling me, and playing with my privates.  They want to see you now! They are really mad, Rex Allen said.

            The old man went back to the cabin.  Rex Allen and I snuck back, to the cabin, and overheard a big fight.  Dad, and his best friend were talking about killing the old man. The old man tried to lie about what we were doing in the bunkhouse.  Then Mom saw us, and took us back to the bunkhouse.

            When we got back, Mom Said, If anyone ever touches or plays with you boys again, you tell me!  That is not the right thing to do, Mom said.  Now go to sleep, we are leaving in the morning.  Mom left.  We left early that morning.

            03/03/04 Thinking back, there was a lot of strange things that happened.  The sheets, from Boo-Boos bed were always covered with blood.  Boo-Boo would leave the bloodied sheets, on his bad, and the Landlady would launder them.  Apparently, the Landlady had asked Boo-Boo about the blood, on the sheets, and Boo-Boo had made something about Mom spending the night, in his bed.

            One morning Boo-Boo and I came downstairs.  He was doing the laundry. Boo-Boo was loading the clothes into the washing machine, and the Landlady asked him, Boo-Boo, why is there blood all over the sheets again?  Boo-Boo said something about, Jamie had a bloody nose.

            Then the Landlady became very upset.  She said, Boo-Boo, if I ever find out, Boo-Boo stopped her short, Boo-Boo said, Remember that you are talking to an attorney.  Then the Landlady said, I dont care whom I am talking to.  Theres something rotten in Denmark going on here.  Ever time that Jamie spends the night he yells, screams, and cries all night long!  Then she said, If its what I think it is, you could be in big trouble.

            The she said, Jamie, come here.  You know that I love you very much, the old woman said. And what I am about to say is for your own good. Then the Old Lady said, Boo-Boo, you are not to bring Jamie back to my house, ever again! Then the old woman walked slowly to a pantry.  She came back with a gun. The old lady said, I have a gun.  I know how to use it, Boo-Boo. 

            The old lady said, as she drew up the gun, and pointed it at Boo-Boo, If I find out that you are harming Jamie in any way, Ill shoot you, you son of a bitch.  Next she said, And I am an old woman.  Theres not a court in the Land that would convict me of murdering you Boo-Boo.  I dont care if I do go to prison.  And Boo-Boo, you pack up your things, and be out of here by the first of the month.

            Then the old woman looked at me and she said, Jamie, I know your Mother.  Im going to call her, and see what she knows about this!

            Sometime later, after Mom had remarried, I remember a conversation.  The neighbor, who was a Detective, stopped me one day outside my house.  He asked me, How are you, Jamie?  I said, Good.  Then the detective asked me if my Mother had been burning anything strange lately? I said, Just my underwear, and pants.  What is so strange about that? he said, You dont even understand what the word co-conspirator means, do you Jamie?  I said, No. He replied, That is someone who assists someone to commit or cover up a crime.  Your Mother may be a co-conspirator, with Boo-Boo.

            You know that Boo-Boo is an attorney, Jamie.  I said, Yes.  That means Boo-Boo can tell your Mother what to do and say to destroy evidence, for a case.  Then the Detective said, Now that the physical evidence has been destroyed, it would be hard to convict anyone of sexually abusing you.  Someday, Jamie, you may remember what happened to you a few years ago, the Detective said.  If you ever start remembering anything, about your abuse, I want you to get a hold of me.  Dont tell anyone else about your abuse, the Detective said.  I said, OK.


            I now remember a strange conversation that I had with my Step Dads best friend.  David, my first lover of many years, and I were leaving their house.  Step-Dads best friend came out to my car.  He was very upset. He leaned into my open car window.  He said, Jamie I have something serious to ask you. Do you remember when you were a little boy, and you were sexually abused?  I said, No.  He then made me give an oath, like people did in his courtroom. 

            Then he said, Jamie you hold the key to Pandoras box.  He then corrected himself, and said, No, you are Pandoras box.  Someday all of those horrible memories of being brutally raped several times, and molested, will probably come back to you, he said.  And if they ever do, I want you to call me immediately.  There are a couple of men, very close to you, and I, that probably should have gone to prison, or ended up dead, he replied.  Im still not too sure that they still could end up in prison, or dead, he exclaimed.

            Thats why you are queer, he said.  Its not your fault. I told your Dad to save some money, or take out some insurance policies, he said.  Your Dad refused.  Now you are queer, and socially handicapped.

            Another strange conversation from my sister's wedding.  My Step-Dads best friend had two children.  One older boy, and one younger girl.  We were sitting at a table and the oldest boy said, Jamie, how are you fixed for money?  I replied, OK.  Then he said, I know how you could make a lot of money.  However, your Father, and Boo-Boo would probably go to prison for it, he said. 

            I gave my Mom a puzzled look.  Then his young sister said, We are NEVER supposed to talk about that!  We arent even supposed to think about that.  I once again gave everyone a big confused look.  Then my Mom said, Jamie, go and ask you Father what he is talking about.  Maybe he can explain it, Mom said.

            Later we were dancing. My Mom and got next to my Stepfather.  I asked him what they were talking about. He took me aside and said, if you ever remember what happened to you, and tell anyone about it, I will kill you my Stepfather said.  No one is supposed to know about that, Dad said. Then Dad got really irritated and he started running into Mom, and I while we were dancing.  I dismissed myself.  I got into my car and took off.  I was not going to put up with my Step-Dads abuse.

            03/06/04 During the early 1980s, I had a full-time lover We had engaged in anal sex. I had contracted an infection of my prostate gland, and testicles.  I made an appointment with a very well qualified Urologist.

            I arrived at the Urologists office. Waited on the Doctor.  During his examination, of my anus, he made some strange comments. He of course asked me if I was a Homosexual.  And I replied, Yes. He then asked me, Were you ever injured, in your rectum?  I said, No, I dont think so.  Then the Doctor said, I believe that you have some severe damage, to your rectum, from many years ago.  Perhaps as old as 10-12 years ago, the Doctor exclaimed.

            I could not remember what had happened to my rectum several years ago.  The Doctor prescribed pain pills, and a mild antibiotic.  He told me, If your problem doesnt go away in a few weeks, please come back to see me. I went to the front office, wrote a check, and left.

            My anal infection did not go away. My Mom asked me why I was going to see this Doctor. She volunteered at a Des Moines, IA hospital for over 20 years. I explained my condition to her, and my Step-Dad, at my Grandparents house, before dinner one night.

            I made an appointment with the same Doctor. I went to his office.  He examined me again. He wrote two more prescriptions for antibiotics, and pain pills. I asked the Doctor, How much do I owe you? The Doctor turned around and replied, Nothing.  Your Father called. He was very angry over the telephone.  I told him the amount, the Doctor said. Your Father already sent me the payment for your account.  Then the Doctor said, If you have any reoccurrence of your infection, please consult another Doctor.  I asked Why? The Doctor said, I am sorry, I cannot see you again.

            I had worked at the same hospital that the Doctor worked at.  Every time that I would see him, he would bow his head, not say a word, and walk away. I thought that this was really weird.

            A strange conversation, with my Mom comes to my mind. During the time that she was engaged to Boo-Boo, she asked me, Jamie did you hurt yourself on the playground?  I said, No.  Then Mom said, Im talking about your little bottom.  Did you injure your little bottom on the jungle gym, bars, or slide?  I said, No.  Then Mom said, Theres blood all over your underwear, and pants.  I cant get it out of your clothes, Mom said.  Then Mom said, I just cant figure out where the blood is coming from?

            Our family spent a goodly amount of time, at my Dads best friends house.  I overheard a lot of strange conversations there.  After Dads best friend had been nominated to become a Polk Count District Court Judge, there was a party in the new Judges honor. My Dad said, Well, we bought off that nosey Detective, by having him promoted, Dad said.  Then Dads best friend replied, Thats fine for now.  Some day he will probably want another promotion, or a favor.  Thats when you will have to pay him back, Dads best friend said.  Dad replied, Yeah, as long as he keeps his mouth shut about Jamie.

         03/30/0404 Contacted the FBI regarding this case.  Too much nepotism, and corruption, from my family, others, in Des Moines, IA.



James Nile






Mr. James Nile,


Polk County D.A.,

C/O Polk County Courthouse



  Dear Polk County D.A.:


            A Grand jury investigation, and indictment(s) are to be given to my childhood rape case.  Information may be obtained from Sgt. Arnold, Des Moines, Police department, and the FBI.  They have more than enough data, and witnesses to bring convictions for my childhood rapists.  I.E. Charles A. Hanson, Step-Father, 300 Walnut Street, DMS, and Hon. Leo Oxberger, 2925 Woodland Avenue, DMS.


            The FBI has already been informed as to the enormous amount of nepotism, corruption, and dirty politics of small town, Des Moines, IA.  Therefore, we will be expecting positive conviction results, from you and your office, post haste.  Thanks for your time and consideration, in these matters.





James Nile






James Nile,


Web Site :




News Media


            Dear News Media:


                        One is currently seeking an attorney, for a civil lawsuit, concerning my rape and sex abuse case.  It needs to take place in Des Moines, IA.  Please feel free to contact me, at the above inside address, for further information. You may use the enclosed JPEG for publicity. Thanks.





James Nile